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Welcome, friends, today, we are happy to invite you to join some of your favorite cartoon characters within the best adventure games you've ever seen! We know that the cute characters from Wow Wow Wubbzy series for kids have a huge impact on you guys, and you will get the chance to have a blast together, if you decide to hit play on each game we provide within the Wow Wow Wubbzy category. This following game is called Wubbzy Robots, and it's a wonderful game where you will test your skills. As you know, Wubbzy loves to discover new things, and he's not that easily impressed, but let's see if you can impress him by playing this following gme Wubbzy Robots, and create together wonderful robots. Wubbzy's mission is to entertain you, and today, this is exactly what he'll do, so, if you are interested in such games, read the following lines in order to know what will you have to do in Wubbzy Robots: First, let's choose the robot you want to design, just know that you will get the opportunity to choose between 10 different kind of robots, and then, use your MOUSE cursor to drag the robot parts, into the place you think it might fit. One by one, piece by piece, you guys will design amazing robots and have lots of fun doing this. If you want, you can try assembling all of the 10 robots, and impress your friend Wubbzy. Each robot has its own charm, and we know that you kids are skilled enough to see where should all those pieces go, in order for the robots to be created. Enjoy!

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Name: Wubbzy Robots

Category: Wow Wow Wubbzy Games

Added date: 27.07.2017 17:13

Played: 32896 times

Voted: 306 times (249 likes and 57 dislikes)


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The Wubbzy Robots game has part from Wow Wow Wubbzy Games. This game is played by 32896 times, have 306 votes (249 likes and 57 dislikes) and his added 27 July 2017.

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