I'm cấp độ 69 right now, and everything so far has been stupid easy. I two-shot every mob I encounter in the overworld so getting khổng lồ and from quests takes longer than actually completing them. Dungeons from the group finder involve us hardly stopping except at bosses và we don't have sầu to respect their mechanics, or they don't have any and you can just stvà there and bởi your role. At what point will the game start to provide a challenge? Right now WoW just feels lượt thích a giant time sink khổng lồ mindlessly kill things.

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I've sầu recently been leveling a new monk and you are correct, the game isn't very challenging during mid levels. This has khổng lồ vị with stat changes that Blizzard made khổng lồ both tốc độ up leveling and keep end-game stats from inflating too much (see Diablo 3 for an example). I noticed that with full heirlooms on, enemies started taking more than 2 hits to lớn kill & could khuyến mãi damage khổng lồ me at around the time I hit Cataclysm. MoPhường và WoD have been a similar story, the content feels a bit more difficult than before, và of course Legion being current content makes it the most difficult content available.

Leveling is exactly that, a time sink. That's why Legion comes with a boost lớn 100.

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At level cap when you begin doing raiding is where you will find challenge.

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If it's just a time sink why does Blizzard not just allow every character the choice to start at 100?

Generally speaking: all past nội dung is (too) easy. Blizzard has hinted on making it slightly harder, but so far not much has been done in that regard. Anyway, the real challenges lie at max màn chơi content. Especially at the high kết thúc PvE (high Mythic+ dungeons, Mythic raids) & PvPhường (rated 3v3 arena, rated battlegrounds). There you can spend a lot of time with a lot of hard fights. But difficulty is always optional in WoW, as there are also other "modes" that are easier (e.g. there are also LFR, Normal or Heroic raid modes instead of Mythic, for anything from casuals khổng lồ normal raiders instead of the more hardcore raiders. And in PvP, a lot of people just play random battlegrounds for fun, or Arena at a low ranking without trying hard to get better). So generally speaking in WoW you're never forced to vì chưng hard content, but you can if you want to lớn. And rule of thumb: levelling/questing/old nội dung is never hard.

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