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Five of the best Minecraft seeds for survival islands in 2021 can be found in the bedrock edition.

There are Minecraft seeds for every type of player. This list is for players that enjoy survival islands. These seeds are tested in the Minecraft bedrock edition on Windows 10. Some seeds may not have the same results for the Java edition. The players' spawn point may be different compared to where others have spawned in. However, coordinates for points of interest will still exist in the seed.

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5 best Minecraft seeds for survival islands in 2021

Seed One 542630838

Image via Mojang

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Players that use this seed will spawn in a village in the middle of the ocean. The village is moderate in size. However, this Minecraft village has a large stronghold underneath it. The stronghold can be accessed in multiple ways underwater, one entrance leads straight to the end portal. The village and spawn point is at (X 1340, Y 71, Z 12) in the seed. An ocean monument can be found at (X 1172, Y 64, Z -240) once a player is ready.

Seed Two 307022758

Image via Mojang

Survival island fans can find a challenge with this island. The player spawns on a small island surrounded by a deep ocean biome. Players can see that the island has no trees and very little grass. However, players can find sunken ships deep underwater. Ships can be broken down for wood if a player needs shelter or fuel to start. Players can also scavenge for the chests inside each ship found. One of the ships can be found out of the water after a long swim. The beached ship can be found at (X 197, Y 82, Z -302) near an ice spikes biome.

Seed Three 996373737

Image via Mojang

This seed has an island similar to the first one on this list. This Minecraft village and stronghold combination sits at (X 951, Y 75, Z 117) in the seed. However, players spawn on a separate island at (X 641, Y 65, Z 17) with basic resources. A nearby sunken ship can be found at (X 504, Y 40, Z 44) that players can use to help get started.

Seed Four 1517106243

Image via Mojang

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This Minecraft seed has an interesting starting point for players. Hopefully, a player using this seed is a fan of mushrooms. Players spawn around the coordinates (X 140, Y 73, Z 4) on an island surrounded by ice. A large mushroom island can be reached at (X 245, Y 70, Z -35) across the ice. There is also a ruined portal on the island that the player spawns on.

Seed Five -1417982004

Image via Mojang

This survival island spawns players in at (X 732, Y 69, Z 8) with a deep ocean biome in every direction. As the player explores, they can find sunken homes and ships with helpful treasures. Sunken homes can be found at (X 808, Y44, Z 40) tucked against the island. Meanwhile, there is a sunken ship at (X 700, Y 44, Z 28) where players can dive for sunken treasure. This island is surrounded by the drowned Minecraft mob due to its generated structures.

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