Hi there. Recently the power brick on my Xbox One has not been turning on. whenI plug it into the power strip, the orange light turns on. However, as soon as I plug it into the console the light on the power brickturns off, and the console does not turn on at all.

I”ve readthrough the forums really quickly, so I”m not sure if this is a power brick issue 100% or is it also a possible console issue.

I”ve been through the Device Repair steps, and it”s telling me that I need to get the Power Brick replaced. While I”m willing to do that, if it turns out that it”s the console that”s faulty, does anyone know if I”ll be able to send the power brick backfor a refund?

Đang xem: Xbox one power supply turns off when plugged into console

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Hey there!

Most times with the issue you described it is the Power Supply Unit that is faulty. The best test for this is to try the console on a different one that perhaps a friend or family members has. If that is not possible a lot of game stores (GameStop, Best Buy etc….)will allow you to bring in your console to test on a different power supply unit to see if that works. If you do determine that it is the Power Supply Unit then they can also hook you up with a possible replacement as well. It is just best to test it first before purchasing a new one if possible. Will save you some time and headaches if it turns out it is the console, on that off chance.


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