Advanced Xray is not a standard Xray mod. It won’t make all or most of the blocks around you disappear making it difficult to function. Instead it highlights the desired blocks around the world based on a set block distance.

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You can bring up the xray menu to add or subtract what blocks you want to see. Then you can toggle the xray on and off to see the blocks. You can also add any blocks to the menu as you see fit.

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This is a great tool to be able to locate the blocks you want without inhibiting the world around you. It’s also a fantastic way to find dungeons, caves, or mine-shafts. Simply put chests as the only visible option and you’ll likely find these areas much more easily.

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Be careful using this mod in any servers since many see it as a form of cheating and you may be banned but for personal or agreed upon usage, it’s really a great improvement on the standard x-ray mod.

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