In a ____, the loop body could never before execute because the question controlling the loop could be false the first time it is asked.

You watching: You can either increment or decrement the loop control variable.

c. pretest loop Correct

The first step in a while loop is generally to ____.

a. initialize the loop manage variable Correct

In some situations, a loop control variable does not need to be initialized.


Normally, as soon as you create nested loops, each loop has actually its very own ____.

entrance condition

You have the right to either increment or decrement the loop control variable.


A compariboy is correct only once the correct ____ and operator are provided.


A loop within another loop is known as a ____ loop.


The ____ loop provides three actions in one compact statement.


In a ____, the loop body executes at leastern one time because the loop control variable is not tested till after one iteration.


A mistake programmers often make via loops is that they ____.

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b. disregard to initialize the loop regulate variable before entering the loop body

ANo ____ is any type of numeric variable you usage to count the number of times an occasion has actually arisen.


When one loop appears inside another is is dubbed an indented loop.


Company reports that list just totals, via no individual item details, are called ____.

SUmmary Report

The initially action in a while loop is typically to ____.

c. initialize the loop control variable Correct

The amount by which a for loop regulate variable changes is often called a ____ value.


A mistake programmers regularly make via loops is that they ____.

c. include statements inside the loop that belong external the loop

A ____ loop executes a preestablished number of times.


Once your logic enters the body of a structured loop, ____.

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entire loop need to be executed

The last step in a while loop is normally to ____.

b. increment the loop control variable

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