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Initial summary for the song in Cody Matthew Johnson"s webwebsite.

The second variation of the song was tape-recorded soon after this statement was released, with Hermida"s vocals re-taped by ex-Volumes vocalist Michael Barr. The in-game credits were also updated to reflect the brand-new recording.[3]

With the release of the second variation, the song stays divisive among fans. Some criticize the song for its thematic misenhance with Dante"s bombastic personality, while others praise it for highlighting Dante"s moments of emotional vulnercapacity through the series.

An early on endorsement said: "Subhuguy (feat. Suicide Silence)" is the theme for the titular foul-mouthed protagonist and also anti-hero of Dante for Devil May Cry 5, Capcom’s extremely anticipated and lengthy awaited sequel to their Devil May Cry franchise." The description of "foul-mouthed protagonist and also anti-hero of Dante" would certainly better match the DmC rendition of the character, leading fans to suspect that the marketing team misunderstood "Devil May Cry 5" for the 2013 reboot.[4]

During the Devil May Cry 5 X Joysound cooperation, "Devil Trigger", "Subhuman", "Crimboy Cloud" and "Legacy" might be schosen as songs at Joysound karaokes in Japan.[5][6]

Song Description < modify | modify source>

"Subhuman" is a complicated hefty metal/deathcore song, as it talks around Dante"s internal battle via being humanity"s protector, fighting demons and conflict through both his huguy & demon selves.

Lyrics < modify | edit source>

Verse 1 As I stare into the eyes of the coming, Apocalypse I check out them reaching for my heart. I cannot erupt, I have to control, I cannot erupt, I need to explode!

Funny exactly how the mind tries to sink me deeper, as the evil tries to revolve me approximately. I will certainly not falter, shout at the evil one, as I bury them 6 feet underground. The hours trapped in home window panes, as futile eyes peer deep The hurt colonies ideal in; haunting thoughts of this crumbling civilization

Chorus 1 You cannot kill me! I am Omega! You cannot kill me! I am Subhuman!

You cannot kill me! (I cannot erupt), I am Omega! (I need to control), You cannot kill me! (I cannot erupt), I have to explode!

Verse 2 I must not forget, that I have actually bled, Felt no respect for the demons in my head. Something conserved me, put me out of my destiny, And dropped me safely in this hell.

It seared right previous me, the eyes are flashing, As I call upon the dark gift to erupt. With the evil one on my earlier, and also the demons best in front, I slash via, aim sights, and also resolve up!

Chorus 2 You cannot kill me! I am Omega! You cannot kill me! I am Subhuman!

You cannot kill me! (I cannot erupt), I am Omega! (I need to control), You cannot kill me! (I cannot erupt), I should explode!

Breakdown/Bridge (Let me out!) (Hellbound!) (x2)

I feel the evil one in me, (Let me out!) We"re coming best for you! (Hellbound!) (x2)

Chorus 3 You cannot kill me! I am Omega! You cannot kill me! I am Subhuman!

You cannot kill me! (I cannot erupt), I am Omega! (I need to control), You cannot kill me! (I cannot erupt), I must explode![7]

Triusing < modify | modify source>

As with "Crimkid Cloud", the main music video for "Subhuman" was directed by Aaron Silverstein. Cody Matthew Johnchild, the producer of "Subhuman", also created the track "Saudade" for the Resident Evil 2 remake.

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