Zero Crisis Story Cinematic for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

DOCTOR SLONE: The Zero Point is imploding, we've lost control, save yourself! JONES: If I don’t stop this it could destroy all existence. DOCTOR SLONE: You have your orders, now get out of there! JONES: I’m gonna do what we should have done from the very start, I'm going to the Seven! DOCTOR SLONE: You took an oath, you’re betraying everything we've worked for. JONES: No! I'm gonna need that! Ughhh… get… over… here Gotcha! DOCTOR SLONE: You work for us, do NOT go to the Seven. Jones… Jones… com… JONES: Peely? RYU: Hadoken! JONES: No! JONES: Here goes nothing! Come on. Come on. Unbelievable. It… actually worked. JONES: Look – I know you have no reason to trust me, but – JONES: Oh no – JONES: Hang on! Let's talk! Let's talk! JONES: Genō!! JONES: I can get you to Genō! THE FOUNDATION: And the sisters? JONES: I can get you all of them…

JONES: but I need your help to fix that. THE FOUNDATION: You have a deal… THE FOUNDATION: For now. JONES: Oh that's very reassuring. THE FOUNDATION: Time to get to work..

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